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With Vive, you can have it all.

Vive in 5

We can help you make the most of your health plan in five easy steps.


We supply a line of credit at no risk to employers. Vive bears the full weight of the credit line, leaving you with a risk-free solution.


Our innovative solution wraps around your current HDHP, redefining benefits with a new solution to out-of-pocket medical expenses.


Designed to be employee-centered, Vive helps support the health of employees, so they can focus on work, while helping you save money.


Implementation without the learning curve—our in-house services make it easy to include Vive without taxing your HR or Payroll departments.


We promise to always be there, empowering you to be successful so you can keep growing your business.

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See What Others Have to Say

“I must say Vive is Heaven sent. I decided to sign up when I was told our funds rollover and never expire until used. I thought that was the great benefit, but when I went to the doctor, I had a large deductible and with confidence I was able to pay without any delay or issue within the first month of signing up. Thank you for providing this great opportunity. I am relieved, especially during these trying (Pandemic) times. I have a health savings account that is reliable. They also have great customer service. Being a first-time user, I had some questions on how my HSA works and Vive helped me with all my questions and concerns. I’m so happy my company chose Vive as our HSA provider!”


“With Vive, I have been able to provide my associates with a mechanism that provides them access to capital when enrolled in a HDHP that gives them security and insulation from a high deductible. We are now able to offer a high-quality plan, with low premiums, and access to funds via an HSA that gives employees confidence and security.“


PhyNet • Chief Human Resources Officer

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Implementation Made Easy

Our in-house services make it simple to include Vive without taxing current HR or Payroll departments, so employers can focus on what they need to.

How we do it:

  • Extensive integration with Human Resources and Payroll
  • Our implementation team takes care of onboarding employees
  • Communication, education and engagement systems in place to ensure the best possible experience

Vive’s dedicated implementation team takes care of everything and works to create a timeline to help better manage wants, needs, expectations and end results.

Implementation Team

Account management
Helps the team drive efficiently toward the launch date and ensures an outstanding experience

Customer success
Leads member communications and onboarding activities, delivering a supportive experience for employees

Business operations
Drives the ongoing operation and improvement of Vive’s core product, with a particular focus on employer and employee success

We pride ourselves on providing an innovative payment platform that helps employees easily save and pay for healthcare, while also lowering overall costs for employers by extending their current health plans.

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