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With Vive, you can show your clients that HDHP doesn’t have to just be a four letter word.


We supply a line of credit at no risk to employers. Vive bears the full weight of the credit line, leaving your clients with a risk-free solution.


Our innovative solution set wraps around your client’s current HDHP, redefining benefits with a new solution to out-of-pocket medical expenses.


Designed to be employee-safe, Vive helps support the health of employees, so they can focus on work, while helping your clients save money.


Implementation without the learning curve—our in-house services make it easy to include Vive without taxing current HR or Payroll departments.


We promise to always be there, empowering your clients to be successful so they can keep growing your business.

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Success Story

Everyone Wins With Vive

PhyNet Dermatology, a national dermatology practice, was spending almost $300k a year on a third-party gap insurance plan that was difficult to work with, including poor customer service for their employees. Switching to a Vive plan made it easy for PhyNet to redirect the money spent on the gap insurance into monthly contributions to employee HSAs. After one year, employees were happier, able to save a significant amount of money in their HSA and had a zero-hassle, single solution for healthcare expenses. With Vive, PhyNet was able to help their employees while saving on their health plan—a win-win.

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