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A new innovative solution giving your employees better financial control and security while enrolled in a
High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP).

Your High Deductible Health Plan isn’t helping your company

  • Employees are financially distressed because of the financial gap between their HSA funds and their deductible.

  • Employees dealing with poor health management and financial distress are losing personal income and draining productivity.

  • Employees don’t understand how to minimize their healthcare costs using the HSA reimbursement mechanism.

  • Employees put off low-cost, timely healthcare, which results in large, long-term expenses to themselves and their employers.


At Vive our goal is to create a healthcare program that benefits both you and your employees


  • Lower Stress
  • Financial Wellness
  • Healthier
  • Considered
  • Inclusive Work Environment
  • Enhanced Benefit Offering
  • Workplace Satisfaction


  • Higher Productivity
  • Secure Employees
  • Cost Effective Healthcare Budget
  • Loyal Employees
  • Collaborative Culture
  • Recruitment Tool
  • Retention

Our Solution

  • Provides zero-risk access to funds for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses

  • Seamlessly reduces plan costs by minimizing out-of-pocket tax leakage

  • Provides financial stability for all employees, especially the financially vulnerable

  • Digitally guides employees to be educated consumers of their health plan benefits

The Plan

HSA HDHP $1,000+ Out-of-Pocket Risk NOW ADVANCE HDHP $0 Out-of-Pocket Risk VIVE HSA graph Created with Sketch. HSA HSA ADVANCE HDHP HDHP $1,000+ Out-of-Pocket Risk $0 Out-of-Pocket Risk NOW VIVE Health Plan Cost
  • We will repurpose your existing HSA contributions to better leverage your cash.
  • Ensure all out-of-pocket expenses are tax optimized.
  • You can often save money on your HDHP premiums with this benefit.

Vive and Thrive

  • Demonstrate to your employees you are listening by offering an innovative solution with your HDHP which ensures financial liquidity at their time of need.

  • More effectively examine and evaluate employee healthcare spends with easily accessed analytics and reporting features.

  • Provide employees the necessary tools to be sure they are maximizing their tax-exempt dollars.

  • Realize tangible returns on your investment with engaged employees.

We Are Your Partner

  • Our Account Manager will guide you through the implementation process ensuring minimal work for your HR and Payroll Staff.

  • Communication materials about the program will be provided to ensure the plan is easily communicated to your employees for seamless engagement and participation.

  • Our Technical Team will ensure efficient system integration and support throughout the program.

  • All questions concerning the program would be strictly directed to and handled by our customer service staff, safeguarding against additional work for your HR and Payroll Departments.


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The Facts 50%

American households have less than $500 in emergency funds

The Facts 40%

Americans on
High Deductible Health Plans

The Facts $1100+

Average out-of-pocket
expenses per year

The Facts 62%

Personal bankruptcies
in the US from medical expenses

The Facts 43M

with medical debt

The Facts 100%

It's time to discover a more effective way to offer a
High Deductible Health Plan